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Cary NC homes consist of some of the best investment property in the country.  All the delightful features of the Town of Cary make it attractive enough to sustain significant positive appreciation rates even with rates depressed in the national real estate market.  Many neighborhoods are at or above 5% appreciation for the past 18 months.  These neighborhoods include Cary Park at 5.3% and the charming established neighborhood of Scottish Hills at 5.23%.


Cary captivates many new comers with its mix of southern charm and tcchnological innovations.  Known as the "Technology Town of North Carolina," Cary is home to one of the regions largest and most sought after employers, the SAS Institute.  The privately owned SAS Company is an international software giant that generously gives back to its employees and the Town of Cary alike.  Only minutes from Raleigh-Durham International Airport, the state's capital, Research Triangle Park, and many of the nations top Universities, it is obvious why this area is maintaining such strong growth.


Upon entering downtown Cary, you will instantly recognize why this community with more than 111,000 people can still be called a town. The friendly atmosphere and vibrant celebrations gives rise to a sense of well being that infects all who are willing to join in.  It’s also ranked as one of the safest cities in the nation and the safest city in the South. One of the town’s favorite events occurs in August when it hosts Lazy Daze, one of the largest arts and crafts festivals in the Southeast, drawing some 500 vendors and more than 60,000 attendees. The mixture of charm and innovation makes Cary unique and explains why the property values are continuously at rise.


In January 2004, Money magazine named Cary the most desirable place to live in the eastern United States and one of the six “hottest towns” in AmericaCary has repeatedly ranked among the top regions in North Carolina to start a business, buy a house, raise a family and retire.   If you are considering buying a house in Cary it is time to act quickly.   The average sales price in the last year has gone from $290,215 in August of 2006 to $305,702 in August of 2007. This trend is sure to continue as more people discover all the delightful features of the area. 


 Even though the entire area is growing, some neighborhoods are doing so at a faster pace and at a more sustainable rate than others.  That is why it's important to align yourself with a knowledgeable agent like John Little who can help you make the best decision possible when it comes to your family and your money.  John has been helping people buy and sell real estate for over a decade and understands the local market and current trends.  He can instantly disect the investment potential of any home.  Call John Little and his team of agents today at 877-447-4333 and they will bring all their combined talents to assist you in purchasing a Cary NC home.



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