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Raleigh NC homes for sale present an investment opportunity for any buyer who aligns with a local agent who is experienced, and has a sense for current market conditions.  Only the most diligent agents posess the skills necessary to navigate through the diversity of all Raleigh NC homes for sale and find the one that best suites a particular buyer and will offer the greatest financial return.  John Little and his team of agents look for homes that bridge the gab between lifestyle and investment. 


Even though the national real estate market is slightly depressed, the Raleigh residential market presents an opportunity for the financially savvy home buyer.  In fact, Forbes magazine just voted Raleigh the best place to buy a home when comparing factors such as affordablility, investment opportunity, and quality of life.  In fact, there are still neighborhoods in Raleigh where appreciation over the last 13 months is over 10%.  The market is also currently very active despite a nation wide slowdown with 812 home sales over the last month.  Prices are rising as well, for example the average price of a detached home rose 8.5% since this time last year.  


One of the factors that make Raleigh the best city to buy a home is the affordability of real estate.  The average price of a resale home last month was $229,788 and the average for new construction was $314,477. The investment opportunities here are still so viable because the area never “boomed” so there is nothing to “burst”.   Raleigh home owners are fortunately insulated from a lot of the problems facing other real estate markets


Downtown Raleigh present an exciting investment opportunity with hundreds of renovations taking place both private and public.  The largest projects are the renovation of the main downtown thoroughfare, Fayetteville Street, and a new convention center that will compete with any currently on the ground.  The completion of the Fayetteville St. project brought new life to restaurants and retail shops downtown.  The new Raleigh Convention Center will have a similar effect and is scheduled to open its doors 9/10/08.  Raleigh’s commitment to its city core has spurred investors to do the same.  Massive building renovations are in process as well as an influx of new luxury condominiums and hotels.  This new energy coupled with a strong job market secures Raleigh’s bright future.


            If you’re considering moving to or within Raleigh, align yourself with agents capable of helping you make the best decision possible.  All of the agents on John Little’s Team have the expertise to help you find the right home after careful consideration of the local market factors and your personal circumstances.  We will look through all Raleigh, NC homes for sale until we find one that absolutely works.  Our agents also have the negotiation power to get you into a home for the best possible deal and will keep you from making costly mistakes.  We can help you with all stages of the home purchasing process from lining up financing through to the closing table.  We can also help you get your home sold for the best possible price through an abundance of inclusive services.  Contact us at 919-793-6950 if you want to experience a true partnership with your best interest at the forefront of every decision.



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